Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's not worth dying alone

Sorry for being away so long! I'm sure all two of my readers were disappointed. A combination of not finding any new music and not feeling like writing contributed to my inactivity.

On a different, more music oriented, note, Wonderful! No, not the exclamation, the band! This Seattle based five-piece make happy, poppy music that evokes The Flaming Lips, The Beach Boys, and a little bit of The Beatles. Use of synthesizers, shakers, horns, guitars, bass, drums, a wonderfully poppy voice and more combine to drive these fun songs forward in a way that will hopefully break them into the mainstream (or at least just under the mainstream). These songs are from their last release "God Bless Our Pad" (which can be found here, and is available for free on their website. Just follow the links, and download either all the mp3s, or the .zip file), and show some of the strengths, though there are some longer and different tracks on the album. Pagoda is by far the strongest track, but Golden Rays is a strong showing as well.

Wonderful are currently recording their next album, which is yet unnamed. Until this drops, be prepared to want to visit the beach, because that's what you will want to do after hearing this album.

Wonderful - Pagoda
Wonderful - Golden Rays

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