Sunday, April 6, 2008

Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers

You sit a a table, hands folded. The woman across from you looks down, averting her gaze. She is shy, this much is obvious, but what confidence she actually holds is a secret. It is entirely possible that she knows exactly what she is doing to you, what she stirs up inside with that quick smile, the casual glance, another aversion of eye contact. You know each other, but no words are uttered.

This is not an awkward silence.

You admire the freckles on her face, but only in secret, for you are as shy as she is. She looks at you and you look away, afraid to let her know you were staring. She knows, and you know she knows, but neither says anything about it. You both look away.

This is an awkward silence.

You search for something to break the spell upon you both, but nothing comes to mind. The music is bare and dense all at once. Layers are added, but still nothing is said. There is an electricity between you two, as her slender frame changes position. You are the only two in the room, even while there is hubbub and commotion all around. More music is added. Sounds and beats intertwine between you both.

This is no longer an awkward silence.

Her mouth opens, and the words that erupt break the silence.

Kaki King - Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers

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