Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My Mind has a Mind of its Own

Have you ever heard a song that made you so happy and so sad at the same time? A song that was a complete cacophony of mixed sounds from alternate sources, yet was so original at the same time? A song that was so sure of itself that it allowed itself to fade in and out of the background, confident that you would be awaiting its calm return.

You have?

Well then here's another to add to your list. Another song that you can pore over, put on repeat, ignore other songs with, and grow to love.

You haven't?

Well then I truly feel sorry for you. You have what we in the medical field like to call "no soul". There is a prescription, though it is quite experimental. It's a little something we like to call music.

In this case, I recommend "The Future, Wouldn't That be Nice?" by seminal acoustic/cut-up artists The Books. The track opens with a sparse handclap, and builds to emotional vocals, strings that linger just long enough to loop back upon themselves, and a chattering crowd that occasionally overtakes the music, until it subsides, as if it too is awaiting what comes next.

You find yourself wanting the music to continue, to never end, to carry itself with you wherever you go. If only this were your background music, you think, you could do anything. You'd never be apprehensive or scared.

But it doesn't. It ends.

And you play it again.

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