Sunday, May 4, 2008

What You Know Can Only Mean One Thing

A short one today, because I'm tired and want to get back to absorbing this.

No metaphors. No long winded explanations this time. I honestly couldn't think of one that would live up to this. The omnipresent Wolf Parade wall of sound is present, the rolling, the building, the growing. The song is a beast if it's a kitten (of which it is both). The song is a civilian if it's a soldier (okay, so a pun and a small metaphor). The song, nay, the album opens with a light guitar hook that is quickly overcome. A great statement for a great band. "There won't be space here. Go find that somewhere else."

Early in the song, Dan Boekner, in my opinion the weaker vocalist on Apologies, opens up and starts wailing, and has never sounded better. Perhaps his time with side project Handsome Furs has made him more confident, maybe the new songs are more suited for him. Either way, while I still find Spencer Krug the better singer/songwriter overall, it's Dan that really steals the show here.

And now so I can get back to soaking this album up, here is the mp3 you've been waiting for, the song that Wolf Parade has chosen to be the first thing you hear after the entirely too long of a wait (aside from Call it a Ritual, if you grabbed that): Soldier's Grin.

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