Friday, June 6, 2008

Don't Live Your Life

From the opening squalls to the actually melodic mishmash (clip-clop? clam-tram?) of the mid-song, Napoleon IIIrd (no relation to the dictator, I hope) wants us to cease living our lives 'through the TV', and we are wont to believe him, as he seems to be making a fine run of things living his way. He's not polished, but he makes his case.

It's very British, but not in a 'hail to the queen' way (and no, I don't mean the punk song), it's more of a small British town, overshadowed by London, but still quaint enough to maintain itself. Though the tourism and cash may not flow through, this town is happy enough in its analog glory, sustaining itself through local radio (classical, soft-rock, talk shows) and the stray scrambled television station that they receive (news? soccer?). This doesn't bother them, they live just fine in the small pub and the large town wide festivals. They aren't run by the rest of the country, they just exist.

And so does this.

Napoleon IIIrd - This Is my Call to Arms

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