Thursday, October 8, 2009

Are you really going to share that money?

New Cove Road Back Home - Oh No Forest Fires

The trees can cower all they want, the bushes can shrink into the ditch. The speed signs turn their heads as I pass, stop signs bow to me. Nothing can stop me now, I'm a man on the run. The pedal touches the floor, ever so lightly. I'm in control, and faster than you can hope to be. Don't even try to stop me, I'm on my own now. Barreling down the highway, the Northern lands call my name as I escape what I once called my home. Maybe Moosonee holds better things for me.

[Oh No Forest Fires's new album The War on Geography can be purchased through My Merch Table for only 7 dollars (or 4 dollars for the digital copy). Photo is from Jena Ardell.]

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