Wednesday, October 7, 2009

You Remain My Friend

Nico Canmore - Yukon Blonde

A steady rhythm and a throbbing bassline. Whatever else happens, you'll be steady. We'll be steady. Hands clasped, a sunset drops behind us. We stand mostly in shadow, but you can make out the expression on our faces: pained, but content. "This is not the end," you say, as the camera slowly moves around us. A quick cut to our faces, camera slightly angled, with my face closer to the screen. You turn away. "I will always love you, you know that..." you say, voice breaking. You let my hand drop as you turn to walk away. I watch you leave. The camera moves and looks over my shoulder to see you walking away from the sun. There is no crying, but there is sadness. I don't resent you, I know you have to go. Our voices cry in harmony, and we will weather what may come.

[Yukon Blonde's new EP, Everything in Everyway, can be bought from Nevado Records (well, soon, hopefully) or iTunes. Photo is from Sophia Rose.]

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