Thursday, July 24, 2008

I'll lean on your arm

I'm not a religious person, but not too long ago I stopped into a church. I don't know why I did it. Maybe I wanted to believe in something, maybe I wanted to make it seem like I was more spiritual than I am, maybe I was just curious about what happened in this place of worship.

Regardless I stepped in and found a seat near the back. The tone was very reverent, with heads bowed and hands clasped. It was so alien to my usual nightlife style of living.

I was seconds from leaving, disappointed in what I had seen, ready to give up on religion forever.

But then they started singing.

The choir was, at a glance, a motley collection of parishioners. Some old, some young, not the uniformed clapping women we expect to see. Just some people who truly love their God and want to praise him the only way they know how. They sang, occasionally out of tune, but always with a conviction that made you believe them.

They sang.

And I wept.

I walked out of the church at the end of the mass. I still wasn't sure what I wanted to find when I walked in. I hadn't found religion or anything.

But I found hope.

I found love.

I found strength.

I found myself.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy - I'll Be Glad

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