Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thunder only happens

A couple new ones today (again), so I'll make the blurbs short (hopefully) and sweet (possibly). Maybe I'll get to a point this time (we'll see).

The Morning Benders - Dreams (Fleetwood Mac Cover)

This song is much more restrained and lo-fi than the original Fleetwood Mac song, which is fitting for a song made in a bedroom using a couple acoustic guitars, some soaring voices and more reverb and chorus than any band should know what to do with. Regardless, The Morning Benders have turned a song I'm a little iffy about into a song I can leave on repeat at night and enjoy. It sounds like a late night pity party turned into an inspiring life-changing event. If you like what you hear, The Morning Benders have their entire covers album for download at their website.

The Rural Alberta Advantage - Frank, AB

A song about the town of Frank, Alberta that was destroyed by a landslide, (according to Music for Kids who can't Read Good, who posted the track first. Check out that blog for some damn good tunes by the way.) and sounds the part.

The track begins and slowly gains speed and barrels forward culminating in the awe-inspiring chorus consisting of nothing but whoo-ing and chanting and the music builds and it doesn't stop kind of like this sentence and it makes you feel like maybe you can't handle it because it's just so electrifying kind of like a mudslide might be like except I've never been in a mud slide and then it stops.

And the town is levelled.

The bands sounds a little bit like Neutral Milk Hotel (As MFKWCRG pointed out), but have the modern canadian indie pop sound, with the cynicism of a band that's learned some shit. If Jeff Mangum doesn't come back, at least we have someone who can step up to the plate.

[Once again, if you like this then The Rural Alberta Advantage has 5 tracks from their new album, for download at their website. You should go check it out.]

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