Monday, September 14, 2009

I Love to sing All Yr Songs

these are songs i like

Diamond Rings - All Yr Songs
Sometimes a song comes along and you can't help but put it on everytime you think of it. Also, you know all the words and sing along to it. All Yr Songs is a perfect example of those types of tunes. The electronic drum in the background holding the song together, as Diamond Rings aka strums an acoustic guitar and crafts a melody perfect for summer. Expect good things from him in the future.

Naomi Punk - N/A
A song from a seattle band i don't know too much about, but the Rwandan choir singing sounds beautiful and dusty. definitely check this song out.

Atlas Sound - Shelia
The side project of Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox has been around for a bit and released a lot of great songs through his blog and EP's and such. But his newest album Logos is a great cohesive experience and worth checking if you havent all ready.

Uilab - St. Elmo's Fire
And the last song i leave you with is a cover of Brian Eno. It's a collaboration between Ui and Stereolab from a few years ago. It is very good

well thats it for now, i'll be back with more good stuff soon

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