Sunday, September 13, 2009

We live half at night

VCR - The xx

I hear longing in your voice. You put on that front, make yourself appear strong, but I know about you. You're the person in high school who would talk about everyone like you were better than them, but cry to yourself when nobody was around. You may have been popular, but now you know that meant nothing. You quickly learned that life won't just fall in your lap, that you'd have to work for it, but you didn't entirely know how to start.

Yeah? Well you're no better. You thought you had everything figured out when you were in high school. You weren't popular, but you were liked, and that made you feel good about yourself. You've drifted through life with this knowing aloofness, without really forming true connections. You never really got hurt, but you almost wish you had. Well, guess what, I know how to hurt you.

Hurt me.

[Photo by the wonderful and talented Marla M, song from The xx's album xx, which you can buy from Rough Trade.]

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