Friday, September 25, 2009

Obsession is my Favourite Drug

God Damned - Girls

God dammit. These drugs are turning on me, I think. I'm starting to get scared. I don't even know which one the problem is. It can't be the Vicodin, it's just numbing me. Numb isn't the problem, it's just making it all seem further away. It isn't far away, right? I'm still right there? I haven't moved? Fuck.

Maybe the amphetamines are fucking with me. Is everything going faster? Slower? I don't even know.

Shit, maybe it's that acid. That's got to be it. It's all turning on me. Things are popping at me! No, that really happened. Nothing makes sense, it's all so random and disjointed. I need to sit down...

No, wait! I'm wrong. It's everything! It's nothing! It is going faster and slower. Everything's so random, but it's all so...right? In place? I don't even know. I just know I don't want it to stop. I still feel so far away though. That still might be the Vicodin.

[Girls' new album Album is out, and can be purchased through Matador. I would've blogged about Hellhole Ratrace, but Said the Gramophone already did it right, so I went with another one I liked from Album. Photo by rjrphoto.]

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