Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Under the sun, Under the moon

I Wish That I Could See You Soon - Herman Dune

The beauty in this song lies not in the angelic female backing vocals, nor does in lie in the playful strumming. It doesn't reside in the solitary tambourine, dancing on the beat like a leaky faucet, falling in regular time while appearing to be random. It's not in the harmonies, dancing around each other. It's not the horns, coming in at just the right time, then falling out to make way for the voices (tambourine still dripping away). The beauty isn't in the lead guitar line, adding character without being overwhelming. All of these things are beautiful, but they are not the beauty.

The true beauty in this song comes from the throw away lines. When David-Ivar Herman Dune says "you know,", or when he precedes a chorus with a little "And I'm like, well...", or when he directs the backup vocals with "Angels, ". They're little toss-offs, seemingly expendable, but wholly instrumental to the song. It's like when you're a child, eating soup from a restaurant. You don't want it, because it's got vegetables, but your parents tell you "you can't even taste them". You wonder why they even bother putting vegetables in the soup at all.

Maybe it's true, maybe they aren't the overpowering taste, but eventually you learn that they serve a purpose. It just wouldn't be the same without them. The song would still be a nice pop song, but it wouldn't have the charm. It wouldn't have the beauty.

[Picture from Found Photos. You can buy the I Wish That I Could See You Soon single, along with other full length, from Herman Dune's website.

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