Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is the golden age

No Cigarettes - Withered Hand

Somewhere far away, many light years away in fact, there is a rock, and it is spinning away, dancing around a giant ball of fire. On this rock, there may be trees, there may be animals, there may be water. However, it is just as likely that this rock is barren, dry, and dusty. Whatever happens to be residing here, that rock will continue dancing. It will spin and spin and move around this star. It will do this whether I am here on earth or not. If governments fall, a nuclear winter erupts because of war here, this other planet will continue to exist. It will be unaffected, and it will dance.

This knowledge makes me feel small and insignificant. However, this does not make me feel sad. Whether I love, I become famous, I die in a gutter, the planet will spin, life will continue. This realization means that, while nothing I do will affect the universe in a meaningful way, nothing I do will adversely affect the universe either. So live, love, lose, none of it matters to anything but myself, in the grand scheme of things. This insignificance makes me able to really try, to fail, to do whatever I want.

And that far away planet will keep dancing, regardless of the tune I play.

[Photo from the Hubble Gallery, Withered Hand albums can be purchased through their website.]

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