Monday, September 28, 2009

Some bassline in your mind

Vapours - Islands

What's really the meaning of good food? Does it have to be an impeccably arranged portion of food, sitting on a blank white plate in a dark, quiet atmosphere? Is that really the only way to enjoy fine cuisine?

I don't think that's true. I think food can be just as good eaten out of a red striped cardboard trough, covered in ketchup and supported by nothing more than your other hand. Quiet background noise can give way to screams of children on rides and carnies yelling about prizes. The food doesn't have to be prepared by a world renowned chef, it can simply be coated in batter and dunked in a fryer. The point of food is enjoyment, and I had much more fun buying a 2 dollar corn dog and sharing a night with my gal than sitting in a stuffy restaurant for 2 hours and paying heavily for the privilege. Let's be honest here, as redundant as it sounds, fun is fun.

And just listen to that fucking chorus.

[Island's new album, Vapours is now available through Anti-, and is a magnificent return to the fun, poppy sound of their debut. Photo by Redskynight.]

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